The Team

We are Creative Hooligans!


Why Hooligan&Co.?  

We tell stories through film and design.  Our creative work is the result of our design and philosophy background. At the root of both disciplines lies critical thinking, curiosity, a deep passion for beauty, storytelling and a desire to communicate clearly. 

Our curiosity has led us to challenge and refine our creative capabilities as storytellers and communicators. Over the years we have produced, directed and created projects within many mediums.  Filmmaking occurred as a natural progression to our creative and artistic development. 

We are a director and writer/producer duo. Erik Montovano is an artist with a background in fine arts and design.  Andreea Prichea is a polymath with a background in philosophy, mathematics and logical thinking.

From 2006 to 2015 we have lead at Newspeak a collective of artists within a wide range of creative disciplines. Since 2015, under the umbrella of Hooligan&Co., we have directed, written and produced scripted and unscripted narratives, commercials, music videos, and purely design driven branded projects.  Our work is motivated by curiosity, love for the moving images, and dedication to the creative process.

We love the process of storytelling. We draw inspiration from film, music, novels, plays, art, dance, people, and the world (Yes! From Everything!) Our sources of inspiration are eclectic as is our approach to the creative process. Mediums vary with each project, what remains constant is the quality of the work we deliver. We aim to deliver the best possible end product.

Throughout the years we have developed a deep understanding of the creative process. We are fluent in current filmmaking and digital technologies. We have an expert understanding and capabilities for animation, design, typography, vfx, and cinematography.  We aim to be excellent at directing and producing creative content that speaks to a brand's core values. 

Erik Montovano
Director | Producer


Andreea Prichea
Writer | Producer